Kefir grains are very small! – Kefir troubleshooting

We’ve got lots of lovely pictures of nice plump milk kefir grains all over the site. I’ve even read elsewhere that people have had grains the size of walnuts! So, it is quite understandable that you’d be disappointed when you find you have quite small grains. Don’t worry, the grains will plump up again in no time.

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Creamy blueberry kefir smoothie

This is quite a mild flavoured thick and creamy smoothie, that is packed full of nutrition. The banana and avocado give this smoothie a deliciously thick and creamy texture, and this combo make a great base for other smoothies if you like it. This smoothie is also packed with nutrition from the blueberries, and unlike most fruit smoothies will help keep hunger at bay until lunch.

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Bacteria/ Probiotics found in Kefir

Hailed as being the best source of probiotics, kefir is quickly becoming a popular drink. Depending on your source, the species of bacteria on kefir can range from 20-60, and they haven’t all be identified or even researched in any detail. Don’t let this scare you though, kefir has been drunk for hundred of years, and it is well known to be safe and good for you! There is some research into the bacteria in kefir though, and many bacteria have been isolated and identified, and they are all listed here along with any research on them.


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Where to buy kefir grains?

Kefir grains are still quite a unique and niche product in the UK and most of Europe. You cannot buy them in supermarkets or other high-street outlets because of their nature. They need constant care and attention. This makes it quite difficult to find somewhere to buy them

Where to buy kefir grains

Due to their relatively low demand and difficulty to store, the only place you can buy kefir grains in online. Buying online understandable raises some concerns. The main concern is you can’t see what you are buying, so you don’t know the quality, but how the grains fair during transport is also a concern. We’ve taken plenty of pictures of our grains to show you what they look like – and they are our grains, not ‘borrowed’ pictures from someone elses stock.

We understand this. When we got our first grains, we had to order them online too, so we are all too aware of the concerns. To make sure you are getting what you want, there are some things to check:

  1. Shipping must be 1st class. 1st class shipping is 1-2 working days, whereas 2nd class is 2-5 working days. When you consider that Saturday and Sunday are not working days, this can mean grains shipped via 2nd class could be in transport for up to 7 days, if you are unlucky. This is not good for the grains at all. They should always be shipped in some milk to feed them/ keep them moist, but this food doesn’t last long, certainly not 7 days. If the grains starve, then the bacteria and yeast populations will become imbalanced. In extreme starvation, you may even lose some species. If you can’t get them 1st class, don’t get them at all.
  2. Food grade plastic. Kefir grains should be shipped in a food grade container. Any toxins that leach into the milk/ whey will get absorbed by the grains which isn’t good for them at all. Furthermore, anything the grains absorb might end up in your kefir!
  3. Organic milk. Growing grains in organic milk is how you get the healthiest grains. You don’t necessarily have to make your kefir with organic milk (although it is best to), but really, they should be grown in organic milk to make sure that you get the best quality grains delivered to you.


When you look to buy kefir grains online, make sure that you know how it is being shipped, what it is being shipped in, and what ingredients are used to grow the grains. If all these conditions are met, then buying grains online is quite safe.

We wouldn’t give this advice without following it ourselves of course. The kefir grains we ship meets all our criteria, and we have had many a happy customer. If you do have any questions about the quality of the grains, storage or making kefir with them, please feel free to contact us.

Is Kefir healthier then yogurt?

Both yogurt and kefir are healthy, you can have both in the same day and be better for it. But, if there just isn’t room in your life for 2 cultured dairy products, you’d naturally want to pick the healthiest. So in this article, we’ll look at the differences in kefir and yogurt, to see which is healthier.

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Kefir grains not growing! – Kefir troubleshooting

Kefir grains should be able to be used time and time again. They are a collection of living organisms and, as long as they are fed and kept warm, should grow and multiply. However, sometimes when making kefir it can seem like the amount of grains you have keeps going down. This can be very frustrating (especially when you buy them on the understanding they can last forever!). Fortunately, there are 2 pretty easy ways of stopping them decreasing/ quickly increasing their numbers.

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Strawberry & Mango Kefir Smoothie Recipe

A simple, light and refreshing smoothie. This kefir strawberry and mango smoothie is a great healthy way to start (or even finish) your day. It is quick to make and packed full of nutrients. It can also be made using frozen strawberries, which are cheaper, but somehow not quite as nice as fresh ones. Make sure you get a nice mango for this one! The flavour comes from the mango, and so it really will make or break it!

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