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ORGANICALLY GROWN 100% Organically grown kefir

Why chose kefir from Symbiome?

Great for your Health

<span class="light">Great</span> for your Health

Kefir contain a vast variety of probiotics that are associated with supporting the immune system and fighting infection. There is even some research to suggest these probiotics can help fight asthma, aid with weight loss, boost mood and protect against cardiovascular disease.

All Natural & Organic

<span class="light">All</span> Natural & Organic

The probotics in kefir are 100% natural. They are not grown in a lab, dried or encapsulated. Our kefir are 100% organic and live - as nature intendeds.

Fortifies the Digestive System

<span class="light">Fortifies</span> the Digestive System

Keifr contains more probiotic species than any other probiotic supplement or drink on the market. The probiotics range from beneficial bacteria to healthy yeasts, and there simply isn't anything quite as powerful and effective as kefir for fortifying the digestive system.

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