About Symbiome

With years of experience in nutrition and food science, both academically and in the industry, it became clear that no matter how hard science tries to make you healthy, it can’t beat nature. Science is amazing, and the research into human health gets better and better every day. We understand so much about our nutritional requirements, how our body works and what is in our food. But, typically with science, answering one question causes a multitude of others to be raised. Science, is all too similar to the many headed Hydra – you spend time and energy defeating one problem, only to find more. Though defeating head after head can be fun (in its own way), the question of how to be healthy still persists.

What has become more and more obvious over the years is that we need to embrace what nature provides. It is easier than lab work, and often much better for you. For example, synthetic vitamin C seemed like a great idea. Cheap to make, and can be done on a large scale. However, it just didn’t behave as vitamin C should when eaten. It was poorly absorbed, caused stomach discomfort, and so on. Bioflavinoids get discovered, and it is found that taking them with vitamin C makes vitamin C work better. This improves the supplement, but it still isn’t quite right. Various other forms of vitamin C get developed, such as Ester-C. All improving slowly, making vitamin C more absorbable, more natural. It is all very impressive and fascinating, but can you not just eat an orange? Nature on the whole, provides what we need better than we can.

The same goes for probiotics. There are 100s of probiotic supplements out there. All made from bacterial strains grown in a lab. At best, the most I’ve seen in a supplement is about 10, maybe 15 (at a push) species of bacteria in these supplements, and these are the best the industry has to offer! Sure, they will be effective, and they may help people. But kefir offers around 60 strains of probiotics, and you can grown it at home…This leads us nicely onto the benefits of bacteria and fermenting foods, but all of that is for another time I feel.


Suffice to say, nature does provide what we need better than we can, and will do for many years to come. It was this realisation that lead to the creation of Symbiome. As the name suggests, the brand is about embracing the symbiotic relationship with have with our bacterial allies – the probiotics. This lead to the creation of our first product – organically grown kefir grains, which is a very easy and cheap way to create your own probiotic drink, which, as already mentioned, is far superior to probiotic supplements.

This is just the start of a journey into the benefits that nature can truly provide. This is just the start of Symbiome.